Manufacture Test List

Inspection and Test Equipment

Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine:
Model B504B with GEOPAK 500 Version 2.0 software 20” X travel, 16” Y Travel and 12” Z travel. Renishaw PH8 touch tip Probe.

Top Bench Comparator:
Model Top Bench 14” viewable screen 10X, 20X and 50X magnification S/N TB08061604 Code K, by Optical Gaging Product.

Brown and Sharpe Micro-Hite:
Model 0”-36” Quality measurement system Gage.

Mitutoyo Gage Block Set:
Inspection Grade, Gage Block Set. S/N 232515. Traceable to NIST, records are on file for review.

Surface Tester:
Model Mitutoyo Surftest profilometer-211 S/N 903031.

Plug Gages:
Gage pin set .011 through .750

Test Indicators:
Mitutoyo and Interapid Test indicators and Ht. Stands

Calipers & Mics:
Mitutoyo brand calipers 0”-6” up to 0”-36” Micrometers sets from 0”-1” up to 5”-6”. I.D. Mics, Depth Mics, Pin Mics, Radius Gages, Bore Gages, Protractors, Thread plugs, Threaded Ring Gages.